Where to find the best Mocha in Dublin!

Every morning is different for every person, some you wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day, others you wake up grumpy just wanting to snuggle up in bed and hide from the world. Unfortunately the second option is rarely realistic and life must go on, however there is one thing all mornings have in common for a lot of us ; Coffee.

I have made my way through all sorts of coffees and finally rested on my preferred beverage of choice, a mocha. Once I had this revelation it was just a matter of finding a place that does the perfect one.

Below is a list of my top five places for Mochas.

5. Butlers

Butlers is different to the others mentioned in this blog as it is more of a franchise with locations situated throughout Ireland. If you are not aware of Butlers it is an Irish owned chocolate manufacturer who opened cafes around the country. As a chocolate manufacturer I’m sure you can imagine the quality of their mochas, plus you get a free chocolate of your choice with every choice which makes things a million times better.

4. Hippety’s Cafe Gallery 

This independent coffee shop is situated on Fownes Street Upper, Temple Bar, Dublin and is the quirkiest little coffee shop you will ever come across. Hanging from the ceilings are various different style chandeliers and serving their pots of tea in tea cosies with different kinds of china mugs this place is a hipsters dream. Not to mention the mocha they serve there is beyond unbelievable! 



3. Clement & Pekoe

Another independent coffee shop that you can find perched between rows of buildings on 50 South William St, Dublin 2 seems like the most unassuming coffee shop however it holds the key to any chocolate lovers heart. This little cafe makes one of the cutest and tastiest mochas you will ever have with a twist. Upon ordering a mocha you will receive what after your first sip tastes like a regular cappuccino until you notice the plastic stick peeking over your glass. They literally give you a rock of chocolate on a stick! What more could you want?

2. Third Space 

With one location on Aungier St and another in Smithfield Third space is a one of my favourite coffee shops and with college being just up the road one of places I spend most of my time. The mocha here has settled my nerves before exams and warmed me up on cold morning and is definitely worth a try! Plus you will often find them offering suspended coffees. This is when you pay for two coffees only receiving one leaving the other to be given to someone who may not have the money to pay for it. Imagine how sweet it is to witness this when sipping on your delicious mocha!

1. Two Boys Brew

At last we’ve come to the place that serves my favourite mocha of all time. It was a toss up between this and Third Space and to be fair it was not an easy decision to make but Two Boys Brew takes first place. Situated on 375 N Circular Rd, Phibsborough, Dublin 7, D07 FWY1 this cafe serves delicious healthy foods and the nicest coffees around town. This coffee shop is one of my favourite places to brunch with friends and would definitely be top of my list if you were looking for a nice place to have equally amazing food and coffees!



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