Finding the time to blog..

I love to write, hence why I have a blog where I talk nonsense most of the time. It’s somewhere I can jot down my thoughts in a way that makes them easier for me to understand and deal with. However, these last few weeks I have been finding it very difficult to sit down and write, a problem I rarely face.

I was told that when you are depressed or suffering with bouts of anxiety that you stop doing the things you love. I hate saying that this is the reason I haven’t been writing cause to be fair some weeks I have just been lazy, but it does play a role. I made excuses for myself; you’re working too hard, you’re too tired/busy but in the end it’s not that hard to spend an hour a week writing.

Over the past few weeks it seems that the bad news is just never ending and that began to weigh me down. That is life, it can’t always be easy and it’s the difficult times that make you appreciate the good times and logically this makes sense to me, but god is it frustrating when you are finally moving on and life keeps knocking you down a peg.

And so I allowed myself to be lazy with my writing, I worked and did everything I needed to do.. except what I enjoyed. Today is the first day in a long time I have sat down and opened my blog. Maybe that’s because I have just received some good news. Either way it’s a starting point from which I can work.

You are probably reading this post wondering when I’ll ever get to the point? And I suppose now that I think about it there really isn’t one, except maybe to be weary of how you spend your free time. Organise your time. Make the time for things you enjoy. That’s why I wrote this post, as a warning to myself to keep on top of my blogging.

So while this post isn’t necessarily that interesting it’s something I needed to write for myself, and I apologise if you’re reading this and thinking it’s the biggest load of rubbish you’ve ever read…but then again if you follow my blog I’m sure that’s not the first time you’ve thought that.


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