Travel Diary: Three days in Paris (part 2)

In my last post I wrote about my very eventful first day in Paris. As promised here is a run down of the rest of our trip.

Our second day in Paris started off well when we woke from a decent sleep refreshed and ready for the day ahead. We looked out the window and noticed the clear blue skies. It’s worth mentioning that the whole time we were in Paris the weather was great, with the temperature rising to 34 degrees our last day.

This definitely perked us up and off we went to Disneyland. What better way to spend the day. I left all the navigation up to Aoife otherwise we would have never made it as far as Disneyland. After trekking our way through those dark and twisted Metros ( I’m joking! ~ kind of) we made the year long train journey necessary to arrive at our destination.

Walking through the gates of Disneyland was an experience I will never forget. I felt like a 5 year old child and had to refrain myself from physically jumping in the air. We walked to the ticket counter to give our tickets in.

Now to explain to anyone who has never bought a disneyland ticket, there are three kinds; A Mini ticket, a magic ticket or a super magic ticket. The difference? Well you can only get into Disneyland on a certain number of days a year with a Mini ticket, for example for the busier times of year you wont be allowed in without a Magic ticket. This Magic ticket will cover all the days the mini ticket covers as well as the busier times of year as well. And the Super Magic ticket? That covers every day that year including bank holidays. Obviously prices go up with each ticket.

After looking at our ticket we were kindly told that actually “this ticket isn’t valid for today, you need a super magic ticket, but you can come back next week?”. Cue Aoife freaking out explaining that we would be returning home the following day and ask if there was anything else we could do. As it turned out we could pay the difference which worked out at 20 euro each. Not too bad I suppose.

Disneyland itself? I kind of expected more which is my own fault really. I think I was dreaming of Disney World. In saying that we still had a great time and made sure to take lots of pictures. I had been told about The Terror Tower since I was a child and so I was dead set on going on that ride first and foremost, which actually turned out to be the best one we went on.

That night we decided we were definitely going to experience nightlife in Paris. But where do we go? We had asked the bartender of a pub beside our hotel how late most clubs stay open, who told us that most clubs close at about 5am meaning people would start arriving at around 1am! Of course as most Irish do, we stumbled across an Irish bar that was serving late. In the back was a rock bar where we spent most of our night. I think it’s pretty easy to guess how the night ended. Aoife and I walking home in our socks. Yeah.

Surprisingly we weren’t as hungover as we expected getting up the next morning. We got ready and off we went to spend our day in a graveyard. Sounds creepy right? This was not just any graveyard though, it was the place where Oscar Wilde is buried, so kind of an historical landmark. To add to this it was 33 degrees which just made everything seem better.

The rest of the evening in Paris was spent sipping on coffee and eating cake in the sun in a little french cafe. Exactly what we needed after an action packed few days. The traveling home all went smooth, no missing purses this time! (Although we did have to wait for over an hour to get through security) And so that was my trip to Paris, not without it’s drama.

Even after one stolen purse, waiting hours in a French airport and having the wrong ticket for Disneyland among a few things to go wrong, it was one of the funniest trips I’ve ever been on and I didn’t stop laughing the entire time. It really shows it’s who you are with and how you choose to act in situations that matters, and ironically I turned to Aoife as we walked out of Dublin airport about to head home and said “You know what? I needed that break”.


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