Afternoon tea…on a bus?

Some people are either tea or coffee drinkers but not me – I’ll have one of each please, extra caffeine in both! –  So the idea of afternoon tea did and will forever sound appealing to me, but on a bus? That was one I hadn’t heard of before.

My friend Sophie and I were writing an article a few weeks ago on Dublin’s Vintage Tea Tours and well what better way to write this article then to actually step on board!

To start the bus itself was so beautiful painted a mint green kind of colour and was named “Pauline” after founder Karen Nixon’s Grandmother (so sweet!). We were met by the friendliest host ever and were seated at our own table where a cake stand covered with treats waiting for us.


This cake stand was massive and had such an array of treats, there were mini scones and mini cheesecakes plus finger sandwiches. And I mean the fanciest little sandwiches you have ever seen, the crusts and everything cut off, they even had cucumber sambos! Talk about fancy, I felt like I was dining with the queen. (They were all delish for anyone wondering)

When we sat down we were offered some tea and were told that days special flavours – Rosé tea or red wine tea. Rosé tea? I didn’t even know that existed! I think its pretty obvious which one I chose – anyone know where can I buy rosé tea?

And so began the tour of the city, oh did I not mention that? Yes, so while eating your cucumber sambos and drinking your rosé tea you are also giving a historical tour of Dublin city. For anyone like myself who enjoys history this is very interesting, and for anyone who isn’t all that interested in when that building was built and why these doors are painted different colours then you can still sit back and enjoy the view – that rosé tea ain’t gonna drink itself!


All jokes aside the historical part of the tour doesn’t actually take over that much time and you are given time to do what it is tea signifies – chat. And after the two hours on board I found I could’ve done with another spin around the block.

It was such a cute day out and thinking about it now I might just take another little tour, only this time I’ll bring my nanny.

You can find all the details on Vintage Tea Tours  if you are interested in booking a tour. #notanad – I’ve always wanted to do that!


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