April Favourites!

I’ve been absent from my blog for pretty much the whole of April, if any of you read my last blog you’ll understand why.  I just needed to take some time for myself. During this time I binge watched Netflix shows, spent hours listening to music and even researched nutrition and changed my diet. It was during this month that I discovered a lot of things I really enjoyed and thus my April favourites were born!


So I was not joking when I say I binge watched TV shows. So much so that even choosing my top 3 was difficult, but I did choose them and so here is número Tres.

13 reasons why

It took me a while to get on this bandwagon but oh my god when I finally watched it! I watched the whole series withing 2 days, which now that I say it out loud doesn’t actually sound that impressive considering that there is only 13 episodes. Reading up on the show afterwards it seems it got a lot of criticism, and while some of it I understand all in all I enjoyed the show and thought it had an important message.

My número dos spot goes to…

Bates Motel

This show has been one of my favourite shows for years but it made a guest appearance this month with the latest season! The newest season is gripping and creepy and I love it! Freddie Highmore really showcases his acting skills when he (spoiler alert!!) acts as Norma Bates. Not only does he take on the role of Norma brilliantly but he mirrors how Vera Farmiga brought Norma to life, making it that much more realistic! Plus Rihanna pops in for a couple of episodes, need I say more?

And finally my número Uno TV show this month goes to.. *drum roll*

Big Little Lies

Yes, my favourite show of the month has got to be this drama! This show just portrays the difficulties of real life and how people can have hidden realities. It really shows us that we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors! I loved everything about this show and with such a big name cast it was bound to be a success. If you haven’t seen this yet watch it!


Music is one of m favourite past times and something I listen to every day and so it only makes that one of my favourite things this month would be music related. To begin, I was looking through a Spotify playlist earlier this month listening to some songs when I came across Tom Grennan. I had never heard of him before and start listening to his song “Something in the water” when I fell in love with his voice. The only rational thing to do next was to listen to all of his songs for the next few hours.

If you have never heard his music I would most definitely look him up. He has been one of my most listened to artists this month.

Another one of my favourite songs of this month was “Hard Times” by Paramore. I’ll admit that I’ve been an devoted Paramore fan from the get go and will approve of everything they do no matter what. However, in saying that ignore my bias as I can safely say that “Hard times” is a feel good song and a song that leaves me feeling happy.


I am the biggest foodie ever and love trying new food and different restaurants.  This month I tried to take a new approach to my diet and eat healthy, whole foods. I started eating healthy, buying all my oats and seeds and what not. Some of the things I tried were awful while others were unbelievable. My month was filled with different kinds of foods that I never tried before. My friend suggested a cafe that served healthy food called “Eathos” on Upper Baggot Street. This meal was seriously one of the nicest meals I’ve ever had and even better, i was all healthy.

I had falafel with humus and green beans in a sweet chilli sauce and roasted sweet potatoes with masala yogurt. And just to prove this I’ve included a picture!


As for the rest of my favourites I’ll need another month to sort out what I really like and what I enjoyed for a day!


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