An open letter

It feels weird to be writing this. Final. Like there’s no going back once this is finished. Spreading your ashes today got me thinking and although this is one of the hardest thing I’ve ever written I came to the conclusion that  if anyone deserved a tribute it was you.

You, the man who complained constantly but for all the irony in the world never held a grudge. You, the man who talked so much you made getting a word in edgeways seem like an Olympic sport, seems I take after you in that aspect. To you, the man who will be sorely missed by all of us, I wrote this.

To the man that gave us everything we ever needed. This was as simple as a cup of tea before we had the chance to ask, to a place to stay when we needed it. Making more food for the dinner than you needed in preparation for a surprise visit from one of your many children or grandchildren. You gave your family everything you had, don’t think it went unnoticed.

To the husband who loved his wife more than anything. The husband that showed us all what it meant to love someone. The relationship you two had set a standard for us that, to be honest, we might never reach. The story of how you two met will forever be one of the sweetest stories I’ve heard. To hear, even as young as you were, that after your first date you knew it was meant to be. What was it you said when asked why you were grinning “I’ve found everything I’ve ever wanted”. Good luck to anyone who tries to date a Fetherston after that one!

To the father that raised ten kids who adore you. Ten, and between them all it’s hard work to hear a bad word spoken about you. Whether you knew what you were doing or not, you did a good job Larry! We’ve all had our ups and downs, this family is no exception, yet time and time again you managed to find solutions to our problems. Well, not without the help of our beloved Doreen, we can’t be giving you all the credit.

To the grandfather that not only raised ten kids but then went on to have a pretty huge role in the lives of his hundreds of grandchildren. A grandfather is an important figure to a child and so I would like to thank you for being mine. Seeing how you treated everyone around you, seeing how my own dad would talk about you, had a huge influence on me and on all of your family.

To you, the man that even through the last few months kept his humour (and his stubbornness). The man that, even after been given medical advice and instructions, would test his own limits. You always lived by your own rules and lived the life you wanted and for that we can’t complain, because for that we know you lived a happy life.

In Memory of Larry Fetherston – 31st of March 2017

larry fetherston



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