My first time trying blueberry pancakes!

As a kid pancakes were never a big deal to me. Pancake Tuesday could come and go and it wouldn’t bother me if I had zero flat cakes. However, as I grew up I began to experiment with my toppings and realise there were such things as pancakes outside of the lemon and sugar family. (I was always shunned by family for hating this kind of pancake).

From that day on I began my mission to find some blueberry pancakes. To most people this may seem like a pretty easy task, far from the quest I’m making out to be, but finding blueberry pancakes in Dublin is a lot harder than you think. When I say blueberry pancakes I mean pancakes with blueberries in the mix, none of this plain pancakes with a blueberry compote on top nonsense. Little did I know this could take years. (I only ever really looked annually on pancake Tuesday itself if that helps).

Now I can see the easy solution to this problem that may have occurred to you at the beginning of this post. Why not make blueberry pancakes yourself?  No. It’s not the same. Not to mention I can barely boil a pot of water.

Finding these mythical pancakes, it seemed to me, was like searching for a unicorn. Yet, two days before this years pancake Tuesday I finally caught a break. My friend messaged me and in all her researching magic had managed to find not one, but two places in Dublin that serve blueberry pancakes. I could barely contain my excitement.

This brings us to today. The infamous pancake Tuesday. Off we went on our trek to find these doughy gifts. Making the journey to Herbstreet cafe was not an easy one. One Luas and a twenty minute walk later, in the midst of what felt like a hurricane I might add, we finally arrived. But the question was, were they worth it?

Blueberry pancakes from Herbstreet


YES. Oh my lord. What is it about blueberries with cooked flour that is so satisfying. These pancakes took it up a notch though matched with honey butter, and I added maple syrup for good measure. This moment was one I had waited for for so long that I felt it would be unfair to not document it and so,lucky for you, I have pictures of my first bite. ( If there’s one thing anyone who follows my blog knows is that I have no shame in putting up embarrassing photos of myself).

And cue the dramatic music…

Making the incision.. what way am I holding my fork?
My reaction to the first bite.. 

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