What fur farming really means?

It shouldn’t be surprising really to find out that I am an OTT animal lover, dead set on tackling animal welfare issues and doing everything I can do improve the conditions from which a lot of animals suffer. Part of this includes my choice to be a vegetarian and use animal cruelty free makeup and skincare brands only.

Fur and leather come into play here too. Leather I can understand to a certain extent, there is a lot of leather left over from the meat process and I suppose it makes sense that if you are going to kill an animal for it’s meat, as much as I wish that wasn’t the case, you should use every part of the animal. I am talking about leather from cows when I say this, the leather that we kill crocodiles or snakes for is something I can’t and won’t get on board with. This, in my eyes, is an unnecessary killing.

Fur, similar to crocodile or snake leather, is only a luxury that we don’t need. I realise a lot of us wouldn’t have the money to buy real fur eve if we wanted to, but it is still an issue I feel needs to be covered.  This demand we have associated with real fur has lead to fur farms across the world, fur farms that offer some of the most appalling living conditions for the animals we get this fur from. After doing some of my own research I found there were still three fur farms operating in Ireland. This left me feeling quite nauseous. I decided that this topic needed some more publicity and put together a short radio package on the subject that I have included below.

What is fur farming? – radio package.

The idea of faux fur always interests me because it seemed like the simple answer to this problem but after talking to the DSPCA’s Gillian Bird I understood that faux fur only promotes the use of real fur. In saying that, I do myself still own one or two items of faux fur that I am not ready to say goodbye to just yet but this has really changed my view about buying faux fur in the future.

Who are we to choose which animal dies for the sake of fashion? I know I may sound preachy here but this topic is something I feel very strongly about. Just take into consideration what it is you are spending your money on next time you go shopping.



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