The road to happiness is a bumpy one.

After my blog post last week I have been making a conscious effort to lead a happier life, trying to see the bright side of everything. I don’t know how often you try to do that yourself but believe me it’s not easy. It becomes especially harder when life decides to test you to see how well you get on in your new role.

This week in particular has been especially hard, what with the mountains of work I’ve had to get through on top of everything that happened,  but instead of focusing on the bad elements I thought it might be therapeutic to see the funny side of it all.

If you think you had a bad week, grab a seat and feel assured that this post will more likely than not make you  feel better about the last few days.

Well to begin, the morning after I published my last blog post (it was about my attempt to lead a happier life if you haven’t seen it) was a mess, I had stayed in my friends the night before and had ripped my work jeans leaving me no other choice but to head to town the next morning before work to buy a new pair.

So off I went to town, in my black work shirt, grey cardigan, grey jogging pants that I had borrowed from my friend and my black sketchers. Very attractive. I got to New Look and picked up my favourite pair of jeans, the first pair I chose being my size, I even got my student discount. This day was looking up I thought. Idiot.

On the phone, I went to the bank link to check my balance cause I had forgotten my customer ID to check online. Forgetting what I was doing the minute I got to the ATM I took out 20 euro. Shit! Aw well Listen I’ll use that for my taxi home from work tonight, I thought. Little did I know I would never see that 20 euro again, along with my beloved bank card. Both tragically lost in the 1o minutes it took me to walk from the ATM to my bus.

I woke the next morning to ring the bank. Card Cancelled. Perfect. Fearfully I checked my bank balance, last transaction – Atm – 20 euro. I breathed a sigh of relief. One problem tackled.

At this point I feel that it’s important to mention that I had only lost my fourth leap card the week before, and had recently had to meet up with a stranger to collect my missing student ID (and not for the first time either). But here I was determined to see the bright side of it all.

The rest of the week ran smoothly enough, apart from the stacks and stacks of work I had for college. Little things had happened throughout them days such as forgetting my earphones, or leaving my charger in my friends house but nothing major. That is until Wednesday.

I decided I would leave college and head straight home to work rather than go for a drink, very unlike me I might add. For this I was rewarded. I got got my bus stop, the bus was in 5 mins, I was delighted and surprised. This bus is never that regular. This is because I’m being good and going home. 5 minutes came and went…still no bus. I decided to wait another few minutes. No signs of it. Of course I had no internet to check the times, when do I ever? So again, I waited. And then, it was as it the Heavens had opened up. The rain came fast and in a matter of seconds I was soaked. 6 minutes later, 20 minutes late, my bus arrived. I should have went for that drink. The rest of my evening was a success however.

That brings us to today, I had high expectations for the day. I was on top of my work, my to do list was only half a page long as opposed to a page. Can you imagine?

I headed into college, walking up South William Street with my earphones in, I wasn’t paying much attention to anyone around me. Suddenly I felt a pain in my arm, shocked I looked down to see an elderly man in a farmers cap, a cigar hanging from his mouth, had punched me in the arm! I couldn’t make this kind of stuff up. I stood there, aghast, for a few minutes as this angry, little man stumbled away shaking his fists.

Admittedly, I remain unharmed with not so much as a scratch, and if anything I can use this as a funny story to tell my friends. But still, what a way to start your morning!

And that has been my week, missing card and one fist fight later here I am. Sitting in a media room in college waiting to go to work, laughing to myself at the events of the week. I could see this week as a disaster and allow myself to wallow in self-pity or I can see the humour in these stories and understand that this is what life is, and without the mishaps it can all get a bit boring.

And who’s life is perfect anyways?


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