Lessons I’ve learned in life

Learning lessons is part of growing up, or so I’ve been told from a young age. “You need to make the mistakes to know what to do in the future” is a statement I have heard time and time again throughout my life, and I stand by it. Life is just learning lessons, one after another. But what we are not told is that some lessons are harder than others, and some lessons will make you question whether you can handle the next lesson because god knows that last one took all your strength.

I suppose this blog post is about lessons I have learned in my life. Some less serious than others, like not to leave my Facebook logged in for fear that my friends will dig up “pet my corgie”.. AGAIN (corgi spelled wrong to add insult to injury).

I was a child that thought a Victorian photo shoot would be fun.. we all make mistakes.
However, in a more serious turn of events I have recently received some sad news that left me spinning. News I had thought about before but never considered an actual possibility. This news got me thinking. Reflecting.

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I suffer with anxiety, some weeks more than others. Anxiety can leave you feeling below par to say the least. Struggling to see yourself as equal to someone else, there is always someone smarter, prettier, nicer.

It is very easy to let that take control, occupy all your thoughts, all the time. It takes a key moment to see clearly. A moment that makes you realise that life isn’t all about being like someone else or portraying to people the person you think they want you to be.

A lot of us, myself included, can take life for granted. I’m not here to tell you that you should wake up every morning grateful to be alive because there are mornings that you feel anything but that. What I have come to understand though is that a lot of what we spend our time worrying about is trivial. Boys, girls, grades. The things that are really important are the things that we over look. Family and friends.

I have decided to take conscious steps to create a happier life and to spend as much time as I can with the people I love because who knows when your sell by date is and who wants to die with regrets.

This post may be unnecessary and may be filled with thoughts that we all have but I am a firm believer in what is written down, or in this cased typed on my laptop, becomes concrete and somehow more achievable. And besides that I feel a lot lighter after typing away at this (although I may regret including that photo, but sure whats one more embarrassing photo circulating the internet).

If you’re lucky a happy life is easy, for most of us a happy life takes work. But if you’re not willing to work for that than what are you willing to work for?


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