Living with anxiety

The term “anxiety” is thrown around a lot but what does it actually mean? The definition of anxiety is a feeling of worry , nervousness or unease about something with an uncertain outcome. This is a feeling that everyone feels at some point in their lives, but does that mean everyone has anxiety? 

Worrying , feeling nervous or feeling anxious is completely normal. However if these feelings prevent you from living your day to day life as you normally would there is a problem. But like all problems there has to be a solution. There are several different types of anxiety ; panic disorders , generalised anxiety disorder , social anxiety disorder even phobias. 

Anxiety is not a trend or something to be taken lightly and should most definitely not be romanticised. However in saying that while anxiety can be difficult you can learn to living with it. Below are some tips that have helped me and may benefit some of you.

1. Camomile tea

Camomile tea is a calming tea that is so beneficial for you it’s almost a sin not to drink it. It is also a mild sedative used to ease insomnia and promote a peaceful night sleep without nightmares. It has also been proven to help ease worry and anxiety while also boosting your immune system. I cannot praise this tea enough! You can find it in any of you local shops such as tescos , Aldi or dunnes.

2. Spend time with others.

On days when you are feeling particularly anxious all you want to do it shut yourself off from everyone but this is not helpful. Make the effort to spend time with friends and family. Social interaction with people you trust reduces stress and can at least help you temporarily forget your anxieties. 

3. Movie marathon

If spending time with others just isn’t helping which can happen , one thing that worked for me was curling up in bed with some tea and binge watching your favourite TV programmes. This isn’t a daily routine obviously but every now and again it can be very helpful. 

4. Exercise 

I know it sounds ridiculous but it can be really beneficial. Physical activity stimulates brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier and more relaxed. Anything from an intense workout to a ten minute walk will help. Healthy eating improves not only your body but also your mental health. When you think about it , it makes sense. Ingesting good food has a positive effect on your body and mind while bad food has a negative effect. In saying that a treat every now and again ok!

5. Positive thinking.

People underestimate the effect positive thinking has on us. Try to see the positive in every situation even if it seems like there is none. The more you do this the easier it will become. By training yourself to always see the bright side you’ll learn that most of your anxieties are exaggerations and in reality not that bad.

6. Take a breathe.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed just take a moment to breathe. Try to think through the reason you are feeling anxious and pick it apart , by finding the source of your anxiety you can then try to rationally analyse it. If you can’t pin point the reason for your anxiety don’t worry , this is very common. Most of the time anxieties are based on small things that the mind zones in on until that’s all you can think about. Feeling anxious for no apparent reason is therefore normal. Try to tell yourself that there is nothing to be anxious about and in turn run through everything you are happy about that day. This can be difficult but by reminding yourself and comparing what is good in your life to your anxieties you can see that nothing is too big or scary.

Lastly , it is important to remember while anxiety shouldn’t be mocked that it is also not something that has to be avoided in conversation. These are just tips that help me but find what best suits you. If you have any questions or other tips please comment below and I’ll get back to you!




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