What is strobing and is it better than contour?

Just as you thought you were finally getting the hang of contour in comes the newest makeup trend putting all that skill to waste; Strobing. But what is strobing?

Strobing is using soft shades to highlight your face giving you a radiant complexion. Highlighted all the high points of your face such as the top of your cheekbones , brow bones , down the bridge of the nose and on the Cupid’s bow gives you that glowing look. 

Strobing is essentially your regular make up routine minus the contour. It is just highlighting your face to enhance your features giving you a very dewy , glowing look. This is a great look for summer especially or for people you prefer not to wear a lot of makeup.

Contour on the other hand is used taking darker colours to re define the gallows of your face. You tend to apply contour in the hallows of your cheeks , upwards towards your temples and downwards just under your chin in the shape of a 3. 

There a products specified to help create the perfect look for anyone interested on strobing. There are cream based highlighters such as Mac strobing cream which is amazing but non – vegan. You apply this cream to your cheekbones and anywhere that needs highlighting and then put your highlighter on top. There is also a sleek highlighting palette perfect for this look , I’ll leave a link below.

Sleek – highlighting palette
I can’t see strobing being a trend for very long as it does not work well for people with more oily skin who prefer a matte finish.While I think strobing make up looks are  fresh and really pretty I’m afraid to say I don’t think I’ll be giving up my contouring anytime soon. I’ll insert a picture below for anyone who is still unsure of the difference between strobing and contouring.

As usual if you have any questions leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you. Hope this helped ! 

Lauren xox


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