Does my skin have yellow or pink undertones? Foundation tips.

Recently I have been struggling to find the perfect foundation to match not only my skin tone but my undertones too. This is a process that has been near impossible for women around the world , including myself , to get a grip on. For those of you thinking “there’s more than one type of foundation?” Yes there is, but it doesn’t have to be daunting. There are 3 main types of foundation ; yellow toned (warm) , pink toned (cool) and neutral. Foundation can be hard to match with your undertones however ,  With that being said there are a few signs that may help you choose the foundation that’s best for you.

The vein trick. 
While this may not always be 100% certain it is a start. Firstly you must examine the veins in your wrist and forearm in direct sunlight. If your veins seem blue or purple then you have pink undertones and if your veins seem green or olive then you have yellow undertones.

The skin and colour test 

As weird as it may sound another way to test your undertones in to wear all white or little to no colour in a well lit room. Look at your skin in a mirror , if your skin has pink or rosy glow you have pink undertones and if your skin glows golden or yellow you have yellow undertones. Similarly colours best show what undertone you are. Pink complexions look better in white or brighter colours such as red , pink and blue  whereas yellow complexions look better in lime , orange , yellow , cream and brown colours. Another quick test is pink complexions tend to look better in silver whereas yellow complexions look better in gold. However this is not always the case.

Hair and eye colour

Hair colour is based only on your natural hair colour. People with dark brown , black or ash brown hair look better in pink undertones while people with red , reddish brown , strawberry blonde or golden brown hair look better in yellow undertones. People with yellow toned skin tend to have amber , hazel , green or golden brown eyes. People with pink undertones have blue , grey , dark brown tend to have pink undertones. 


If you tan easily then you more than likely have yellow undertones. If you having trouble getting a tan or burn easily then you probably have pink undertones.

Finally it’s worth mentioning that people with warm undertones look better in makeup colours such as bronze , copper , gold , peachy and just more earthy tones while people with cool undertones look better in cool tones such as silver , blue and green , magenta and gray.

If you have a mixture of these traits then you probably have neutral skin tone meaning you look good in both pink and yellow undertones foundations. I hope this helped some of you and if anyone has any questions please leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you. 




2 thoughts on “Does my skin have yellow or pink undertones? Foundation tips.

  1. this is a great post! One of the most common questions I get is “what are my undertones?”
    so this is super informative 🙂 great blog!

    xox Lo


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