Spring 2015 hair trend : Granny hair 

For years going grey was something all women would do anything to avoid , where finding a grey hair would send fear into the hearts of anyone in their right mind. Where women would go to extremes to keep their hair looking young , but long gone are the days of the blue rinse. In fact dying your hair grey as become a statement trend amongst younger people. 

Silver or grey locks have been popping up everywhere the last few weeks and we love it! Whether we are taking inspiration from our elderlys (who no doubt wear grey hair well!) or just accepting and speeding up the inevitable, this #grannyhairtrend is one of the most popular trends this year!

Even Instagram is flooded with this hairstyle…


Samantha Ravndahl sports this grey hair with a bold purple lip on her instagram @ssssamanthaa.


The beautiful Nyané Lebajoa looks amazing with her grey locks. She uploaded this onto her Instagram @nyanelebajoa.


Even Lady gaga seems keen on this look! One of her many outlandish looks.

Is this a trend you would try?




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