The truth about animal testing

WARNING: They’re are some disturbing pictures used in in this blog post!

Over the years we have fooled ourselves into thinking that animal testing is really and truly in the past. And when brands express how against animal cruelty they are it’s no wonder we think that way. In 2010 laws were passed throughout Europe banning animal testing. These laws are in place in the majority of countries around the world excluding china but I’ll speak about that later.
We as people , as consumers , are being lied to. I believe most of us , even those who eat meat , consider ourself humane. There is a difference between eating meat and torturing animals after all. Nobody wants to buy products knowing beforehand that an innocent animal had to suffer for them. The difficulties with this is wording.
A product may say “finished product was not tested on animals” and our first reaction is that this is therefore animal cruelty free. Do not be fooled , just because the final product wasn’t tested on animals does not mean that the ingredients weren’t tested on them. This is not 100% truthful and if you see this on a product know that it has in fact been tested on animals (most of the time).
Remember what I said about China being excluded from the ban on animal testing? Well in order to legally sell any products in China the have to first be tested on animals. They have to be tested. By law.
Which is a whole other argument for a different day. However because of this need for animal testing company’s across the world can bend the animal testing ban due to loopholes. Company’s will say that they “do not test our products on animals nor do we permit others to do so except where it is required by law” meaning yes , yes we do test on animals. This is where China comes in. In order to ship makeup and other products to China animal testing is “required by law”. Therefore this animal testing ban is invalid.

The sort of things that happen in labs are skin and eye irritation tests where chemicals will be rubbed on shaved skin or dripped in eyes without the use of pain relief. Some test even include killing pregnant animals to test their fetuses (unborn animals). This is shocking to me especially considering the other methods that could be used such as testing on synthetic skin.

Sorry for the use of such traumatic images but it just drives the point home. Animal testing is no joke and is quite literally happening behind closed doors. Most people are unaware that what they are buying cost the lives of innocent creatures and would be outraged to find this out. If this kind of testing isn’t safe for humans then why is it safe for animals. Treat people how you wish to be treated applies to all species , not just other people.

People may think that they don’t support company’s that test on animals and are unaware which brands actually do this horrific act. Up until recently I myself supported these brands and so to show you which brands do and do not test on animals I’ll include a picture I seen on several beauty bloggers pages over the last few days.
I hope this opened your eyes and may change how you feel about certain brands. Also the brands that do test on animals will no longer be reviewed on my blog.





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