Lush cupcake fresh face mask review

This fall particularly I have developed an unhealthy obsession with Lush products , that being bath bombs , bubble bars , shower gels ect. I had never tried a lush face mask up until a few weeks ago as I had a history of breakouts and only recently have gotten my skin under control. I was worried when trying products like this that it would cause my skin to flare up again which is why it took me so long to buy a lush facemask. However it is one of the best things I ever did.

I have sensitive skin and so through reading other blog posts and just information on each facemask I found out that “Cupcake Fresh face mask” would be a perfect face mask for me to try. Priced at €8.50 which would be 6 or 7 pounds it’s a little bit expensive for such a small tub , or it seems that way , but I can say that I have gotten four face masks out of this tiny jar and if I rationed it right probably more. It is an amazing mask and within seconds of applying it to your face you can feel it tighten and cool your skin.

After taking off the mask my skin feels sooo smooth and soft and even after only one face mask you can notice the difference in your skin. I feel as though it even helps even out my complexion , although that might just be me over analysing it. It digs deep and removes any kind of dirt from your pores leaving your skin feeling , well fresh!

I would recommend this to anyone who either enjoys using face masks or is interested skin care and keeping their skin clear and replenished. Five out of five rating from me , another top product from Lush!



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