How I dealt with an acne breakout.

Your skin is one of the most important organs you have and should be treated as such. Caring for your skin and keeping it in the best condition possible is vital. Your skin can not only affect your appearance but also your mood ,and believe me it can affect your mood. I suffered one of the worst breakouts I’ve ever had a few months ago and it affected my confidence. I wasn’t sure how to address this problem as I had never had a breakout before and had fairly clear skin. And although it may not have been as bad as a lot of other acne cases I’ve seen , it caused me to wear makeup every where I went (which didn’t help the breakout ).
I rarely ever got spots until a few months ago and so when my skin first broke out it wasn’t that bad. I decided to moisturise my skin every night before using sudo cream to get rid of my blemishes. (The Common misconception here is that sudo cream treats spots but this is not true! It takes the redness away from the spot making it less noticeable yes, but they spot is still there!) When I chose my moisturiser I picked Nivea soft as I have sensitive skin. My mam used this cream , my grandmother used this cream even my greatgrandmother used this cream so this should be the perfect choice for my skin right? Wrong! After using the cream for a few days a found out I was allergic to it but again me being uneducated on this subject assumed it was the breakout getting worse and start using the cream more! By the time I realised the real problem my skin was destroyed!
I tried hundreds of creams until one finally worked…a little! Lancôme. Every night I would remove my makeup with a Lancôme makeup remover and with a cotton pad I’d go on to cleanse and tone my skin using Lancôme products. Lastly I would use a Lancôme visionnaire serum on my problem areas which was mainly my T-zone. This improved my skin a lot and gave me back a little confidence but the breakout left scars and redness on my skin that I couldn’t get rid of and while the creams cleared my skin they didn’t prevent new spots from coming up.
At this stage I was heartbroken and didn’t know what else to do until I found my one true love! I started using an aloe Vera propolis cream and within two weeks my skin looked brand new. Now I’m not going to say there wasn’t a little scaring left but that soon cleared up. This cream is gods gift and it really helped me shift this breakout!
Thankfully my skin has been clear now for about 3 months without any breakouts , a few spots here and there but nothing major. My skincare routine now is to exfoliate my skin once a week , the reason for exfoliating is to leave your skin soft and smooth so be sure not over exfoliate as that leave the skin red and raw. I use a shop bought exfoliator but you can make your own by mixing honey with brown sugar. I also use my propolis cream every night before bed. Once a week I’ll use a lush cupcake face mask to clear my pores. This particular face mask is great for more sensitive skin which I will be writing a review on soon. Also eating healthy and drinking lots of water , even water with lemon and lime which Is what I did , helps clear the skin.
There is a way back from bad skin and acne breakouts and thankfully my skin is a lot better know and I can finally go out without a full face of makeup. Unfortunately I have no before pictures of me with bad skin (I made sure they didn’t see the light of day) but as you can see my skin is quite clear now.
The most important piece of advice I can give to someone dealing with acne is not to let this breakout control your life. Everyone has an experience with acne as some stage in life and it’s not as big a deal as it seems at the time! A few spots are natural , not everyone has that flawless , unblemished and perfect skin we see in magazines. In fact nobody has that kind of skin , So just be happy in your own.
I hope this helped some of you.



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