Christmas gifts for him and her

I love Christmas and anything christmas-y and although Christmas isn’t about the gifts and the money it’s always nice to get or give something. However the problem I have every year is deciding what to buy. When buying presents for people you need to take into account a few different things. Firstly , and probably most importantly , is budget! There is no need to put yourself in debt to buy someone something you just can’t afford. I mean it’s the thought that counts right? Secondly I would try to figure out the interests of the person your buying for , you wouldn’t buy someone who hated sports a football?
Lastly try to think if there is anything this person needs?
Here’s a few general ideas for him:
For Him:
1. Shoes
Whether they’re runners , trainers , sneakers or whatever name you have for them , there is no going wrong with a pair of shoes. The good thing about buying shoes is there isn’t a set price range , they are still affordable to those on a budget.
2. Clothes
Clothes is a perfect choice if you know who you’re shopping for and what they would wear. You could get new clothes for your dad/brother/boyfriend or even just a friend or family member. Who wouldn’t appreciate a nice top or a new jacket? Again there is no set price range , different shops equals different prices it all depends on what you can afford.
3. Aftershave
Aftershave in a way is probably the safest gift to get a man. And if you’re shopping for your boyfriends gift it can benefit you too if you pick the scent you prefer most! Aftershave is probably the most affordable and versatile gift you can get. If you live near any of “the perfume shop” there are always deals on perfume of aftershave sets. Also they sell these sets in most pharmacies for little or nothing.
4. TV box set
This would be more of a gift I personally would get older people like my grandad just because most teenagers or young adults would watch their favourite TV series on the internet. However this is completely up to you and if your boyfriend / brother etc really enjoys to sit down in front of the TV to watch his programmes then maybe this is the perfect present for him!
5. A watch
When buying a watch for a man you need to consider what style would suit what kind of person. Watches , even men’s watches, are more of an accessory now a Days and so style is a very important factor. If you can get this right then you are going to make somebody very happy!
6. Kris Kringle gifts
Christmas themed gifts would be more suited to a kris kringle or secret Santa. Usually the price limit would be 10 to 15 euro so some ideas could be a Christmas jumper or Christmas-y sweets. The
great thing about this kind of present is you can buy either a rubik’s cube or a hat and scarf , both very different, and get away with it.
For Her:
1. Makeup
This may not apply to every girl as not every girl enjoys doing or wearing makeup. However for the most part this is a pretty safe option for a girl.
2. Perfume
Again similar to aftershave sets there is not much that can go wrong when you buy a girl perfume and most girls , if they are anything like me , will appreciate it!
3. Bath sets
This is a tricky one. Everybody ever thinks the go to gift for a girl is a bath set and while I would be very happy with this not all girls would. The important thing to remember is firstly if they have a bath (I have made that mistake before) and if bath sets will work well with their skin. For example if whoever your buying for has eczema normal bath sets will just irritate the skin. If you know all this then buying the best bath set for that special someone will be easy
4. Jewellery
With this gift you have to know what she will wear , whoever you are buying for. For example you aren’t going to buy your nanny a pair of big loop earrings , unless that is what she wears , or someone who hasn’t got their ears pierced earrings? The safest option in my opinion is a simple necklace that isn’t too “in your face”. You can get nice jewellery in shops like Primark or River Island , I’m not suggesting the jewellers unless that is within your price range. Jewellery pieces will vary with age but is generally a good gift idea
5. A bag
Look at girls. When is there ever a girl walking around town with no bag by her side. Never. This is the perfect present for your mother / sister /girlfriend or any girl really. And it can be very reasonably in price if you know where to shop! If your really unsure when you go to buy a bag you can always ask a female worker what her opinion is!
6. Kris Kringle gifts
Kris Kringle gifts for girls are pretty straight forward. You can buy a girl anything from a pair of pyjamas to nail varnish sets. Really anything and everything (that’s appropriate!) is acceptable here!
These are just some general ideas and are just a guideline on what to buy. Anybody with a conscience will appreciate what you get for them even if it’s not exactly what they wanted. An idea could be to even write down a few ideas or get whoever your buying for to do this to make things easier.
I hope this helped some of you with your Christmas shopping! Thank you for reading!


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