Did someone say cake?

Stereotypically , as a girl I have and always have had an interest in fashion and beauty. Over the years I have gathered tips and tricks which help me when doing my makeup. I think it’s safe to assume that, like me, most girls (or boys) strive for a perfect foundation look and therefore definitely don’t want “cakey foundation”. Unfortunately we see this all too often. So I have decided to take it upon myself to share some foundation dos and don’ts.

Do- make sure your foundation matches your skin tone. Unless your a fan of false tan , in which case I would suggest buying a lighter and darker shade of foundation to match your different false tan stages, I would recommend going for a more natural colour , preferably a yellow or red based foundation. I say this because often people have trouble with pink toned foundation as it’s harder to blend evenly. However this is completely up to you. You can match your skin tone to a foundation by testing it on your jawline not your wrist or hand as your skin there
is a different shade to your face.

Don’t- Cake your foundation on your face. Use a pea-sized amount to begin with and apply that to your face adding more if necessary. Doing this , little by little, will insure you get an even coverage without the thick , less natural look.

Do- blend your foundation down onto your neck. This insures that your face and neck are the same shade as opposed to having a darker , faultless foundation that stops at the jawline and leaves your neck bare and painstakingly white. Just use the excess foundation on your brush to touch up your neck. Which leads me to my next point…

Don’t- apply foundation with your hands unless told to by a specific brand of makeup. This style of application may suit some people and if you feel that this is the only way for you to apply foundation then of course do it. However if you’re looking to create a flawless and glowing look a brush is essential. Brush kits are not that expensive if your know where to shop. Crown brush for example are quite reasonable in prices.

Do- apply moisturiser to your skin before doing your makeup. This acts as a base and will cause your foundation to disappear into your skin (not literally disappear but you get the idea) creating a more natural , dewy look.

Don’t- be fooled into thinking foundation is a part of your skincare routine. Foundation , just like any makeup product, clogs up your pores which is why you should always remove it before bed. Similarly to this applying an oil based foundation on dry , flakey skin is not going to benefit you in the slightest and will cause you more trouble. Skincare is vital. Your skin is your largest organ , don’t neglect it.

Some foundations I would recommend are Catrice photo finish 18 hour liquid foundation and Rimmel London lasting finish 25 hour liquid foundation which I will leave a picture of below. I hope this helped some of you with your foundation routine.




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